I already posted a couple of episodes of my GRW Let’s Play showing how I accomplished this solo witches challenge for season 3 and earned the Skull Facial Paint, which is sick – I’m rocking it now!

But I thought I’d edited together a more concise tutorial on how to complete the Witches challenge for those who are stuck, or don’t fancy the challenge or just want the reward. No problem – let’s jump in! (Video below)

Solo Challenge 1

Investigate the horrific crime that occurred in eastern Bolivia

First, you simply have to go to Lat: -19.6072, Long: -59.5844 to the Witches’ house in northern Libertad province. This is just north-east of Pa Kollu village, and can be found behind a white building.

Simply enter to complete this first challenge and reap your resource rewards!

Solo Challenge 2

Find the tokens of fertility cure and wealth

If you don’t know where to find these, or you’ve not tripped across them before you might be hard pressed to get these. Don’t worry, they’re not far away. All of them can be found just north in Caimanes.

First token

The first is on the eastern shore of the small lake in southern Caimanes. It’s about 1 Km north of the Witches’ house at Lat: -19.2312, Long: -59.6067. Go on foot, or by ground vehicle or helicopter, it’s easy.

When you arrive, walk up to the table and press the appropriate button to use the token. You’ll get a cool explosion and complete 1/3.

Second token

You’ll find the second token east of the first, near the edge of the map in some trees just over a kilometre away at Lat: -19.0898, Long: -59.1555. It’s almost impossible to see from the air but at night you can make out the candles. Land, go to the coordinates and use this one. Boom! Done.

Third token

The final token is north-west of the second, a little further in northern Caimanes at another lake. This one is on an island at the north of the lake at Lat: -18.5443, Long: -59.6114. Rinse and repeat here to complete Solo Challenge 2.

Solo Challenge 3

Bring the defiler to the location of his transgression and spill his blood to break the curse

Finally, this one’s a little more challenging, and I got stuck on one crucial detail. This must be done at night. Return to Pa Kollu village and head into the village from the Witches’ house toward the small church.

At the church will be five enemy heavy soldiers and inside the church is a Lieutenant – the defiler! Kill all the heavies (best to use a sync shot), then run up and grab the Lieutenant and march him to the Witches’ house.

Release him on the mat surrounded by candles and kill him any way you please.

Challenge complete!