If you found this page because you just want to see how the Witches Challenge is completed, you’re really looking for this summary video here.

BE WARNED: This video is part of my playthrough series for Ghost Recon Wildlands, and apparently includes me bumbling around learning how to play the game.

Season 3 is here and we have a witches challenge to complete for a fortnight as a “bonus episode” before (I presume) the real weekly challenges begin on 9 August – hopefully!

The witches challenge for soloists this week is:

  1. Investigate the horrific crime that occurred in eastern Bolivia.
  2. Find the tokens of Fertility, Cure and Wealth
  3. Bring the defiler to the location of his transgression and spill his blood to break the curse.

So this is very straightforward… if you’ve been following the easter eggs the community find then you may know about this witches challenge already and where to go and what to do. This episode shows you solo challenges 1 and 2, with number 3 in the next episode tomorrow.