I previously compiled a huge list of all 90 of the Ghost Recon: Wildlands hints, and now the Narco Road DLC is out, it has its own list of hints.

Previously there were 90 hints, so it was very worthwhile listing them all in one place for your reference. This time there are only seven, but I thought it might still be worth having them somewhere.

So here they are…

1/7 – Gang Followers

Complete missions, activities, and Electroโ„ข challenges to fill the Gang Followers gauge.

2/7 – Unlocking a Boss Mission

You need to complete every MISSION in the region and have enough GANG FOLLOWERS to unlock the BOSS MISSION and complete your infiltration.

3/7 – El Invisible

You need to complete all three gang bosses’ regions to unlock EL INVISIBLE’s missions.

4/7 – Infiltration

You are infiltrating 3 gangs of the SANTA BLANCA cartel. The SANTA BLANCA is your ally.

5/7 – Los Sin Alma

LOS SIN ALMA is a rival cartel. They are your ENEMIES and will attack on sight. Their colors are RED, YELLOW and BLACK.

6/7 – VIP Followers

You will regularly unlock VIP FOLLOWERS by filling your GANG FOLLOWERS GAUGE. VIP FOLLOWERS will give you intel on EQUIPMENT and COLLECTABLES.

7/7 – Nitro

Some vehicles have been tuned by the cartels. You will be able to use the NITRO to get boost by pressing Y.

It’s not as impressive as the original list, but now you’ve got all the Ghost Recon: Wildlands Narco Road DLC hints. ๐Ÿ˜Ž