You know those hints in Ghost Recon: Wildlands that appear when the game’s loading? There are 90 91 96 of them, and it takes AGES to scroll through them, and even longer to read them all.

[Update: All 96 hints are also available from the PAUSE screen in-game, where you can scroll through them at your leisure and much quicker than from the loading screen – or read them below…]

Now you can read them any time because I’ve gone through them all and posted them on this page for you. Enjoy!

[Update: There were originally 90 hints, but as of Title Update 4 on 17/18 May 2017, there are now 91 hints. Added 74 “Stealth swim”.]

[Update: Well with Title Update 5 on 28 June 2017, we now have 96 hints including the new Tier One hints 92-96.]

1/96 – Parachuting

With the right skill unlocked, you can parachute from aircraft using X, or base jump from any elevated surface using A.

2/96 – Plane Landing

Hold left trigger to brake when approaching a landing zone.

3/96 – Alarm

Alarms alarm call enemy helicopters. Destroy their power boxes to disable them.

4/96 – Alarmed car

Some cars car alarm are equipped with alarms. You can shoot them to create a diversion.

5/96 – Drone jammer

Drone jammers drone jammer disable any drone in the area. Destroy them with explosives or turn them off.

6/96 – Power generator

Destroy or turn off a power generator power generator to shut down all of the surrounding electrical defenses.

7/96 – Automatic door

Some camp entrances automatic doors open automatically for vehicles of the appropriate faction.

8/96 – Light panel

Enemies use light panels light panel to detect you and to blind you at night. Destroy the panels’ power boxes to disable them.

9/96 – SAM systems

Surface-to-air missiles surface-to-air missles can quickly destroy your aircraft. Fly low to avoid being targeted.

10/96 – Ping

In co-op, highlight a tactical position by placing tactical position. Press A when aiming at this position or use the drone or binoculars.

11/96 – Mission assist

Helping people with finished or locked missions awards XP, but it doesn’t count towards your progress.

12/96 – Order Wheel

In Coop, the Fire, Hold, Go To and Regroup commands of the Order Wheel are replaced by messages to send to your teammates.

13/96 – Intel caches

Intel caches intel give information about optional missions and hidden equipment cases.

14/96 – Skill Points

Skill Points skill point are required to unlock new skills.

15/96 – Weapons Case

Weapons Cases weapon case unlock a specific weapon.

16/96 – Accessory Case

Accessory Cases accessory case unlock weapon upgrades.

17/96 – Bonus Medal

Bonus Medals bonus medal unlock a unique bonus for a certain skill.

18/96 – Fast Travel

You can use Rallypoints rallypoint and towns as travel points in the TACMAP.

19/96 – Santa Blanca Cartel

The highly-trained members of the Santa Blanca drug cartel santa blanca cartel will try to kill you. So kill them first.

20/96 – Captured rebels

In enemy camps, free rebels captured rebels to allow them to help you.

21/96 – Unidad

Unidad troops Unidad are the deadly Bolivian army forces. Use caution when engaging them.

22/96 – Patrol levels

Unidad Patrol levels can go up to four Unidad. The higher the level, the better it is to avoid direct confrontation.

23/96 – Surrendering enemies

Killing surrendering enemies can lead to a game over.

24/96 – Swap accessories

You can change your weapon’s accessories while aiming. Hold left trigger to aim.

25/96 – Suppressor

Aim with left trigger and press d-pad up to mount or remove your weapon’s suppressor.

26/96 – Scope

Aim with left trigger and press d-pad right to adjust the zoom level or mode of the scope on your weapon.

27/96 – Trigger

Aim with left trigger and press d-pad left to adjust the firing mode of your current weapon.

28/96 – Grenade launcher

Aim with left trigger and press d-pad down to select your weapon’s grenade launcher.

29/96 – Taking cover

Take cover before engaging in combat to avoid catching bullets

30/96 – Cover

Stick to the surrounding obstacles when moving to get cover.

31/96 – Lean and aim over

When in cover, an arrow displayed around the crosshairs means you can lean or aim over an obstacle using left trigger.

32/96 – Shoulder swap

Switch the camera from one side of your character to the other using the right button button.

33/96 – Order Wheel

Hold right button to open the Order Wheel, and move left stick to highlight a skill or order. Press A to initiate.

34/96 – Interrogation

Get close to the target and hold X to grab him. Then press Y to interrogate him.

35/96 – Helicopter types

There are several helicopter types: smaller models have a great maneuverability, wheres attack helicopters can bring the pain.

36/96 – Helicopter flying

To move forward with a helicopter, press right trigger and left stick.

37/96 – Helicopter weaponry

In a helicopter equipped with front-facing weapons, hold A to fire.

38/96 – Helicopter camera

Press right stick press to center the camera behind your helicopter.

39/96 – Quick turn

Release right trigger while using left stick to perform a quick turn.

40/96 – Item change

You have different throwable and deployable items to help you in every situation. Press d-pad left to change the equipped item.

41/96 – Mines

Press left button to put a mine on the ground and guard your back.

42/96 – Diversion Lure

Use Diversion Lures to distract enemies near the explosion.

43/96 – C4

Press left button to place a charge, and hold left button to set it off.

44/96 – Flashbang

Use Flashbangs to blind a group of enemies.

45/96 – Flare gun

Use the flare gun to illuminate your surroundings and to create diversions that attract Unidad.

46/96 – Select mission

Press view to open the TACMAP. Then press Y to access the unlocked missions.

47/96 – Investigation

Investigate major intel major intel to unlock new story missions.

48/96 – Cartel takedown

You can take down the cartel underbosses in any order you want.

49/96 – Operation heads

When you eliminate two out of four operation heads, El Sueño will react, and you can reach him.

50/96 – Province difficulty

Some provinces are harder than others. Difficulty is ranked between one and five in the TACMAP.

51/96 – Progression

Assist rebel forces, improve your skills, and get better equipment before facing more difficult province bosses.

52/96 – Lieutenant

Specific people intel give valuable information after a conversation or an interrogation.

53/96 – Supplies

Supplies like supplies are required to unlock skills. Locate caches and conduct Supply Raids to increase your reserves.

54/96 – TACMAP

Press view to open the TACMAP menu to view discovered missions, locations, and chests.

55/96 – Rebel Support

Rebel Support Skills are special skills unlocked by conducting Rebel Ops rebel ops and launched with the Order Wheel RB.

56/96 – Support order

Hold right button to quickly call for Rebel Support on the battlefield.

57/96 – Vehicle drop-off

Rebel forces can bring you an SUV, a buggy, or a chopper. Conduct the vehicle drop-off Rebel Ops to unlock.

58/96 – Guns for hire

Rebel forces can support you with an increasing number of fighters. Conduct the guns for hire Rebel Ops to unlock.

59/96 – Mortar

Rebel forces can support you with powerful mortar strikes. Conduct the mortar Rebel Ops to unlock.

60/96 – Diversion

Rebel forces can create diversions to draw the enemy’s attention. Conduct the diversion Rebel Ops to unlock.

61/96 – Spotting

Rebel forces can recon areas for you and spot enemies. Conduct the spotting Rebel Ops to unlock.

62/96 – Binoculars

Use your binoculars to learn additional information about tactical elements. Press d-pad down to use them.

63/96 – Drone

The drone can be used to locate enemies and camp defenses. Press d-pad up to deploy it.

64/96 – Drone types

Upgrade the drone through Skills to allow it to explode, make noise, or sabotage electric devices.

65/96 – Night vision

Night vision allows you to operate in the dark. Press d-pad right to use them.

66/96 – Thermal vision

Use thermal vision for optimal enemy spotting at night, as well as in daytime.

67/96 – Orders and tools

You can use the Order Wheel holding right button when using the binoculars or the drone.

68/96 – Rebel Ops

Conduct Rebel Ops rebel ops to unlock and upgrade Rebel Support Skills.

69/96 – Rebel presence level

The more Rebel Ops you complete, the more rebels will be patrolling, available to provide support.

70/96 – Supply Raids

Conduct Supply Raids supply raids and use them to buy or upgrade new Skills.

71/96 – Stance

Different stances help you move stealthily. Press B to crouch, or hold B for a prone position.

72/96 – Dark areas

When using stealth, take advantage of dark areas during both night and day.

73/96 – Lights

Well-lit areas make you easier to detect; make sure you avoid them.

74/96 – Stealth swim

Hold B when swimming to remain under water and make it more difficult for enemies to see you.

75/96 – Vegetation

Use vegetation to your advantage. Crawl through the brush to remain stealthy.

76/96 – Night attacks

Take advantage of the night to neutralize sleeping enemies.

77/96 – Vehicles

Hold X when being near a vehicle to drive or sit as a passenger.

78/96 – Driver

When driving, use right trigger to accelerate, left trigger to brake, and A to handbrake.

79/96 – Passenger

Passengers an still use their weapon in several seats, using left trigger. Use B to return to your seat.

80/96 – Vehicle types

Each vehicle has its own characteristics. Find the best one to suit to your needs.

81/96 – Vehicle interception

Intercept civilian vehicles by shooting at them or by aiming at their drivers using left trigger.

82/96 – Tires

Aim for the tires to slow a vehicle down without destroying it.

83/96 – Trunk

When extracting VIPs do not hesitate to stow them in the trunks of vehicles.

84/96 – Handgun

Press YY to use your handgun.

85/96 – Weapon Selection

You can equip up to three weapons at once. Choose them in LOADOUT and improve them in GUNSMITH.

86/96 – Gunsmith

In the LOADOUT tab, press X to change the selected weapon’s accessories.

87/96 – Full power

Though silent with a suppressor, without one, your weapon will have greater stopped power and penetration.

88/96 – Weapon range

Each weapon has a different optimal range. Choose the one that fits your play style and needs.

89/96 – Ballistics

The father your target is, the more your aim must compensate for bullet drop.

90/96 – Recoil

Some weapons have greater recoil than others. Compensate by moving right stick to the opposite direction.

91/96 – Weapon holstering

To not frighten civilians, hold Y to holster your weapon.

92/96 – Tier One

The Tier One mode increases the game difficulty and gives you access to exclusive rewards. Activate it in the TIER ONE tab once you reach level 30.

93/96 – Tier points

In Tier One mode, complete missions, discover locations, get kills or anything else that normally gives XP to earn Tier Points tier-one instead and reach new Tiers.

94/96 – Difficulty and tier

In Tier One, you can no longer use specific difficulty levels when your Tier gets high.

95/96 – Squad tier

The average Tier of the players in your squad gives you supplies and Tier points bonus. The higher it is, the bigger the bonus but the harder the game becomes.

96/96 – Weapon levels

In Tier One, you can upgrade your weapons with supplies. Select a weapon in the LOADOUT tab and press X to access to the upgrade option.


Now you’ve got all the Ghost Recon: Wildlands hints. 😎