tl;dr – skip to the bottom for the video.

This is the unboxing of my new Blue Yeti microphone I got the other day. Although if you’ve read my plans for YouTube in 2017 you’ll know I wanted one of these anyway, a few things prompted me to get it.

  1. In the summer holidays I’m planning to do a Minecraft gameplay video with my nephew and didn’t want to try getting two headset/microphone inputs working, so one ‘proper’ mic seems best.
  2. I decided I’d like to try doing some voiceover and explainer videos and wanted a better quality microphone for that.
  3. I was going to get one anyway, as mentioned, because I wasn’t happy with using my cheap headset with a mic so close to my mouth.

So this is the Blue Yeti Blackout Edition which I didn’t plan to get (I wanted a silver one to go with my Mac) but I got this one because it was so much cheaper than anything else. It was also bundled with a copy of WATCH_DOGS 2 for the PC, but as I can’t play that I’ve donated that to a friend to make a Let’s Play series.

As it turns out – apart from looking awesome – the matte black goes with my headphones and Xbox One Elite controller anyway, so it all worked out for the best.

Sorry, the code for the game has already been redeemed. 😉

You can start watching the Let’s Play of WATCH_DOGS 2 on iCEhOT’s YouTube channel with episode 1 if you’re interested.