So I’ve just started posting videos which is a lot of fun, and I kind of know what I think I have time for this year but I don’t want to over promise anything. Then why bother writing this post?

Well it’s only February, which makes it a good time to look at the year ahead and have a plan I suppose. In terms of what you can expect me to post, I’m going to try this year to upload roughly one video every couple of days and each video to be roughly 20 minutes, but there will definitely be exceptions.

There are some things I’m going to work on over the first few weeks/months for YouTube. These are things all YouTubers probably have to consider, but they do need attention, those being:

  • My video introduction – what I say each time a video starts
  • My sign-off – what I say at the end of my videos, such as reminding viewers to subscribe, or like
  • Consistent (proper) video intro and outro

So those need some work. I can’t simply fade from/to black for the start and end of every video – that’s boring, right?

For games, the open beta of Ghost Recon: Wildlands was a good place for me to start posting videos, and I’ve ordered the Gold Edition of the full game. The plan for the next few months will be to concentrate on that; episodes of the missions on YouTube, and some other information here on my blog and via Twitter.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Gold Edition

But I don’t have time in my life for more than one game unfortunately. That means I’m going to make the most of Ghost Recon: Wildlands until another big game comes out, which for me will be Red Dead Redemption 2 later in the year (unless it’s delayed).

If I do get bored with GRW – which seems unlikely with the DLC and additional pre-order and early play bonus missions – then I might post some Call of Duty Infinite Warfare videos. But as I’ll explain in an upcoming post, I’m going off Call of Duty and moving more towards these larger more open world games, such as Assassin’s Creed or Sniper Elite.

Red Dead Redemption 2

I realise Sniper Elite 4 just came out, but I have my plate full with GRW. I had Sniper Elite 3 on the Xbox 360, and SE2 on the PC a long time ago, but for this year, I’m going to try and keep things manageable.

Towards the end of the year Project Scorpio should be released, which will provide 4K gaming, and with any luck RDR2 will hopefully support 4K and look incredible!

Project Scorpio

I’ve seen For Honor as well, but I’m not really into fantasy games. So that’s what I think should be achievable this year. Let me know below if you think there are any games coming out I should keep an eye on. 👊🏼