This is my favourite shotgun, the SASG-12, and I’ll tell you why; All the shotguns deal great damage at short range making them great indoors. But the SASG-12 is the only shotgun that’s automatic, and it can be suppressed.

While the Super Shorty holds the title for best handling, and the SPAS-12 beats the SASG-12 on all other stats, the full-auto rate of fire with the SASG-12 is unmatched. Let’s change things up a bit and make this an even better room clearer.

  • There are no buttstock options for this gun, so the stock buttstock it is.
  • Adding any of the scopes will zoom in while aimed down sight and that’s not what you want in close quarters. I stick with the iron sights here, and either of those options is fine.
  • The trigger is full/semi-auto only, which already works perfectly and can’t be changed.
  • The standard and extended magazines for this gun are ridiculous at 5 and 10 rounds respectively. That’s not enough for full-auto glory. Fortunately there’s a mammoth 30 round large magazine available. Let’s equip that!
  • Unlike the other weapon classes, accuracy is not the focus with this gun for me, so underbarrel I opt for the Foregrip V4 to maximise the handling.
  • For the barrel we similarly don’t want the accuracy and range boost or handling penalty of the long barrel, so I stick with the standard barrel here.
  • Finally of course it’s the suppressor, to boost noise reduction, stay stealthier and because I don’t have to worry about any drop off in damage with this as I have the ADV Suppressor skill unlocked in the Weapon skill tree. You do have to pick up the shotgun suppressor though to be able to equip it, it’s not automatically granted to you like for ARs, SMGs and handguns.

Here I’ve built a very forgiving shotgun which doesn’t look as mean as the SPAS-12 but you can hold the trigger and hose down enemies on full-auto without worrying about missing. It has more magazine capacity than any other shotgun so you may not need to reload to clear out an area, but with the suppressor you can get stealthy close up kills for clearing bases on the higher difficulty levels if you wish.

This is the best shotgun class I’ve found in my experimentation it works really well for me. If you’d like to build this yourself, all the links to find the SASG-12 and accessories are above.

Please leave a comment on your favourite shotgun load out below, and let me know how you use it and what you like about it.