The legendary SPAS-12 is described in the game as:

A shotgun used by police and military all over the world.

It’s located in north-west La Cruz, inside Unidad F.O.B. Vibora, full of Unidad soldiers. The weapons case is inside the armoury, not far inside the main entrance to the base.

If you approach via the road from the north to the main entrance, you can take out the snipers in the towers, then what I did – which was easy as it was night time – was to just sneak in on foot, right up to the armoury, taking out lights with my pistol as I went. This could work during the day as the entrance to the base is fairly open, but you’ll have to be more careful. The entrance to the armoury is on its south side.

The SPAS-12 is an awesome looking and intimidating weapon. Who wouldn’t want to use it?

Well… this is another gun I really wanted to love, but I don’t feel it really has a place in this game. Here’s why – there are only three shotguns in the game, and this is by far the coolest. But there aren’t many occasions to use a shotgun in this game, and when you might want to, you’ll benefit far more from using the SASG-12 (found in Agua Verde) than this, unfortunately. Check that gun out to see why it’s so awesome!

So what can you do with the SPAS-12? Well, unlike the Super Shorty you pick up in Itacua, which excels as short range, the SPAS-12 can be used out a bit further, and equipping the long barrel (found in Libertad) will help add some extra range. If you can get your shots on point, then you might want the extra accuracy from extending the buttstock, which you can pick up in Caimanes, and you may want to upgrade the 5 round standard ammo capacity to 8 rounds with the extended magazine in Remanzo.

Then you have a slightly longer than short range monster.