This quick post explains what you can expect from my YouTube channel. Some of this I’ve already explained in some of my previous posts like who is Lightwave Al? and my plans for YouTube in 2017.

But this is a bit more general about my aims. I started posting videos only recently, but I was prompted partly from starting to play the closed beta of Ghost Recon Wildlands. ItΒ  I was looking for gameplay videos on YouTube so I could just watch other people play it.

These open world type games which you can approach in a number of ways and do in almost any order you like are not only great to play, but you get something different out of it when you see someone else approach the same mission or scenario from another angle.

The other part was my wife who’s started vlogging and who said “why don’t you record the games you play and put them on YouTube?”. That was the ultimate catalyst guys. I mean, once you’ve got management approval for something, you’d be silly not to do it, right? πŸ‘πŸΌ

So what you can expect from the channel is mostly playthroughs of large open world games I like the look of, starting with the open beta of Ghost Recon Wildlands and followed by the full game.

As I’m starting out, the process of recording gameplay, editing the video and uploading it to YouTube is new, so it’s taking some time. That in conjunction with the website means I can probably only post one game at-a-time to start with. I’ll probably move onto another game later in the year – which will almost certainly be Red Dead Redemption 2 (wasn’t the first one so good?), and we’ll see where we go from there.

In addition to gameplays, I’ll make some other videos about my hardware as well. So I’ll do unboxing of anything new I get and also post reviews of each bit of kit. But if there’s anything else you’d like to see from my channel, please leave a comment below and tell me.

PEGI 18 / ESRB M rating

Finally, the games I’m playing typically have PEGI 18 ratings in Europe, and similar ratings elsewhere in the world. This means the games you can expect to contain violence and swearing – sometimes heavy.

For my part, I’ll try and keep the commentary clean, but I also want to keep it ‘me’, so expect that I may swear occasionally.

So far, this has all been a lot of fun, although getting started on YouTube is not as simple as it appears, but I’ll do a separate post about that.

Please share any ideas or thoughts in the comments below, or you can find me on Twitter, and of course on YouTube!