I thought it’s time for a quick update on what’s happening and what to expect from my videos in the… short-to-medium term I guess.

So I began creating Ghost Recon: Wildlands videos with episodes of the gameplay from the main game, until I got to about episode 140 and discovered a fairly major bug for Xbox One when I used a second account to play and record my quick tips videos.

I had to put a pause on the gameplay from the main game, but I’ve continued posting videos from that account for the weekly solo challenges which keep things interesting, and recently got a little buff with Title Update 5 as they now award 2500 of every resource type when you complete a solo mission. 😱

Anyway, Narco Road DLC came along and I’ve been able to play that and post videos of the missions for you to keep up with new content while the main game is on the back burner. And of course Fallen Ghosts DLC also dropped and I’ve been able to play that, so it’s not like there’s a shortage of content available to record and post. For now.

But my quick tips are coming to an end, after about 130-140 videos, I’ll have done them all. So what’s next?

Bonus medals

When I collected all the weapons and weapon accessories for my quick tips, I also collected and recorded all the bonus medals and their locations, so I can make a series of videos for those, but perhaps they’re not all that interesting. I don’t know.

Best classes

Also after collecting and experimenting with everything in the main game, I’ve got my personal favourite load outs for each weapons class, so I’ll be putting together a video for the best sniper class, best assault rifle class, best SMG class, best LMG class, and even best shotgun class and best handgun class.

Stay tuned for those. [Update: Those videos are now up on my channel]

Another DLC?

I don’t know if there’ll be a third DLC, which is what I’m used to with Call of Duty, but this isn’t Activision, so I don’t know. Ubisoft did release a roadmap recently in their Q&A blog post but we’re already almost at the end of that, so who knows what they have planned for the rest of 2017.

[Update: I seems Ubisoft only provide two DLCs with their games, and it’ll be the same with Assassin’s Creed Origins, so I won’t expect any more for Wildlands]

GRW roadmap

Continuing the main game

I’m playing through the main game on a new save game slot to get back to where I was before, so I can continue and complete the episodes of that. The progress I’m catching up on is 58 hours of gameplay, completing everything in the following provinces:

  • Itacua
  • Ocoro
  • Agua Verde
  • Pucara
  • Malca
  • La Cruz
  • Barvechos

…and then replaying Caimanes properly. My stats won’t quite be the same – not as stealthy – as I’m steamrollering through this time round just to catch up.


Other game content

I’ll continue to update you on patches as they’re released and other Ghost Recon: Wildlands info. I may do some videos on the Easter eggs in the game if you’d like that? And how could I forget the new Tier 1, I’ll have to cover that as well of course when I get up to level 30.

And we’re still waiting for PvP, so I think that’ll be worth posting. I don’t know how that’s going to work exactly, but I bet there’ll be some entertaining gameplay.

So I think there’s still a lot of life left in Ghost Recon: Wildlands. But there are also a lot of other games I’m interested in getting in the next 12 months; Far Cry 5 (possibly), Assassin’s Creed Origins, Red Dead Redemption 2, and possiblyCall of Duty WWII. If I had to rank those in order of excitement:

  1. Red Dead Redemption 2 (definitely getting)
  2. Assassin’s Creed Origins (almost certainly getting)
  3. Call of Duty WWII (possibly getting)
  4. Far Cry 5 (maybe getting)

So whatever I get, I’ll be posting, but I may make life a little easier on myself and mainly post game progress for story missions.

…Unless you like to see absolutely everything, from start to finish? In which case you know where the comment box is!