This is the first episode for the Ghost Recon Wildlands Open Beta. Gameplay for the beta actually starts tomorrow, but here’s the intro video from the devs to give you a bit of information about the game.

Find out all the official information about the open beta from the developers.

So for the beta we get to play in two of the 21 provinces from the full game; Itacua and Montuyoc. Itacua is the first province (or the ‘initial drop zone’, as the devs put it) in the game, and was introduced in the closed beta which I played through and completed. So I’ve got a good idea of what we’ll be doing there. Montuyoc is a more difficult experience, but we’ll have some fun, do some running and gunning and save the tactics for the full game!

So we’ll get into episode 1 tomorrow and have a play with the open beta which I’m excited for. There will be a chance to take a look at the skill tree and weapons a bit in the beta, but we’ll go into that more when the game’s released. I’m going to play through the main missions and post one video for each of those, but I may do some resource collecting off-screen.

The full game comes out on 7 March 2017. I can’t wait, I’ve got my pre-order of the Gold Edition of the game already placed and this is going to be a fun weekend with the beta.