It was hardly a surprise, but today Ubisoft dropped Ghost Recon: Wildlands – Title Update 5 patch for PC, Xbox and PS4. As usual, I take you through the patch notes with some of my own commentary, and if you stay to the end I’ll explain the massive ball ache I’ve had with a bug on Xbox One. Good times.

You can read the original patch notes from this video on the Ubisoft forum or the new snazzy patch notes they eventually got round to releasing on the blog which explain a bit more about the new Tier One.

Yes, we’ve been waiting a while for TU5 and we were all hoping for Ghost Recon: Wildlands PvP today but instead we have Tier One, which is an extension of the game beyond level 30 which introduces (amongst other things) a dynamic difficulty to the game. Essentially you are rewarded for using the Tier progression system where your XP now counts towards Tier progression, and the game will make it more challenging the further into it you go.

There are also some of the usual fixes and a nice little update to the HUD for the mini map statuses. Check it all out and let me know how you feel about it by leaving your comments below.