The official @GhostRecon Twitter handle posted a tweet this morning to let us know that a window of maintenance would begin for PC and console players today.

This was of course shortly followed by another tweet confirming the start of the maintenance which will apparently take about 3 hours, and began at 07:00 UTC.

The GRW forum post regarding the maintenance window seems to suggest that this is for Title Update 5, as it should make available a patch (7.42 GB for PC players and ‘up to’ 8.8 GB for consoles) which will bring fixes, enhancements and a new game mode called ‘Tier 1’ mode. Could this be the PvP multiplayer we’ve been waiting so long for?

For anybody already playing when the maintenance window starts, you’ll have been put into offline mode to allow you to continue to play with your AI team mates. Hopefully we’ll see some great new stuff coming from this patch and more fixes to things like getting stuck in locations (typically in rocks) and sometimes not being able to equip the drone or binoculars.

Hopefully it’ll also include support for Season 3 of the weekly challenges, as we’re nearing the end of Season 2 now.

Title Update 4 was the last patch we had and we’ve been waiting longer than usual for Title Update 5. Fingers crossed for good things.

I suggest keeping an eye on the official blog for upcoming patch notes, and I’ll of course be posting a video as soon as I can summarising what’s been updated so you don’t have to do so much reading!