So Ubisoft just dropped a load of information about what they’ve got planned for Ghost Recon: Wildlands after it launches, and they’re kicking off with a first patch on release day to address some feedback they’ve received from the two betas they ran recently. This will of course be followed up by more patches in the coming months.

There’s a reminder about the Ghost Recon Network where you can see all your game stats and match up with players for co-op missions based on your play style, and the Ghost Recon HQ companion app for iOS and Android (yes, both tablets and phones) which I’ll post about separately.

Shortly after launch, a new ‘Season of Challenges’ will begin for roughly six weeks where you’re given a short story mission to complete solo and with a Task Force from the community.

If you’ve played the closed or open beta, and you play the full game before 31 March, you’ll be granted access to the Unidad Conspiracy add-on for free in April. As Ubisoft posted, this beta was Ubisoft’s largest to date, with over 6.8 million players, and the feedback for the game so far is largely positive, so there could be a lot of us out there who are planning to buy the full game.

And if you pre-order (still a few days left) then you also get the Peruvian Connection add-on when the game releases, or you can pick it up as part of the season pass.

GRW DLC 1 & 2

Two DLC’s have been announced. The first is Narco Road where you get an “eccentric” view of all narco life. The second will be Fallen Ghosts, where the game dynamic changes as you’re pursued by a elite force. Expect new weapons, skins, vehicles and of course main and side issions.

DLC’s will be available to season pass holders one week early, and more details including release dates will be available at a later date.

Finally, the big one: PvP multiplayer! 4v4 action in “adversarial mode” will be available a few months after launch, with more details to come. Play with three teammates against four other players. We’ll see how this plays, but it might feel similar to Sniper Elite multiplayer (perhaps).

Watch the announcement below:

You can read all the details from the official Ghost Recon: Wildlands news blog: