I now realise that these dead bodies to be avenged in the middle of nowhere are other fallen players, which makes sense. I get attacked on my way to visit vengeance but learn several important lessons about lootable items having sparklies, being able to loot without dismounting (your mount) and how much easier it is to attack from your mount.

And there’s a weird random burning bush in the desert which just vanishes! I also learn that if you dismantle the equipment you won’t use, you’ll earn resources back which is very useful.

I also find that random riders in the desert can be quite formidable, at least until I level up a bit further, but I can raid 100 drachmas from them if I’m lucky… But in this episode the essence is to hunt, attack, explore and tackle a couple of enemy bases to loot treasure and kill captains as we work towards a synchronisation point.