Before I decide to leave Siwa, I wanted to explore a couple of the icons on the map first, so we start with a red icon for a guarded area, to kill a captain and steal the treasure. Next is a journey to the House of Life for the first papyrus puzzle “A Long Drink”. When I find the papyrus, it reads:

“In Siwa, come find me at the bottom of the only bowl big enough for a god.”

These are like treasure hunts, which is pretty cool and this first one is really pretty easy. Just check the map and go where you think. I expect that these will be a lot of fun in this game as a little side thing to do, and I really enjoyed doing the similar treasure maps in Red Dead Redemption.

After that we take a look around the map to understand a bit about the different regions available, then it’s just a case of returning to Hepzefa to get out of Siwa and into the next region, Iment Nome. We get a cutscene about the animus in between, and that, apparently, concludes the Prologue for the game.