Coming back to the game after about a week, we’re still in Siwa and need to discover some things and remember how to play.

As I approach the Temple of Amun where we’ll find our foe, Medunamun, I get used to using Senu again as well. I realise now watching it back that I don’t have a clue what I’m doing, but I’ll work that out. I also realised how to draw the bow (aim with left trigger, draw with right trigger) then you can release the bow without firing by letting go of the left trigger. Handy.

Anyway, I obviously manage to kill Medunamun eventually, but it isn’t pretty. We see a prolonged death sequence including some interactive elements from Bayek’s past. I now realise I also didn’t collect the treasure from the temple either. We finish off by taking a look at our gear, but I’ll come back to Siwa to do all of these things at some point.