Following hot off the last episode, this is the second part of Operation Silent Spade, called Operation Silent Spade: Snafu. The briefing reads:

Intel indicates a sensitive shipment being transferred in a freight train in Inca Camina. Find clues on this cargo.

Now we’re heading down to Inca Camina to get some intel from an old train depot. Then we head up to Barvechos to defuse a dirty bomb and earn our reward; Future Soldier gear in the form of optical camo. Yes!

Once you have equipped the Optical Camo (backpack), John Kozak (Icon) or Ghost Recon Future Soldier (Costume), the camouflage will activate automatically after crouching for a few seconds.

When the Optical Camo is activated, you are harder to detect for your enemies. Be aware that standing up, shooting without a silencer or taking damage will disable the cloaking.