It’s the final week, season 7 week 4 of solo challenges and almost the end of Ghost Recon Wildlands for me. Red Dead Redemption 2 is out in just under two weeks, and I’ll mainly be playing that, but keep a look out for an extra Prestige Crate opening video this week.

This sounds extremely similar to a challenge from season 6 week 3, but we’ll do it anyway.

In Extreme difficulty, destroy 5 enemy vehicles in a row without being visually detected.

Last time we used the Santa Blanca helicopter (which you can get from those Prestige Crates) to quickly shoot five SB lieutenant cars and fly away. That worked last time, will it work again this week?

The difference this time is, destroy can mean by any means, not just blow up like last time. Enemy vehicles includes Unidad, not just Santa Blanca… but it’s the same principle. Let me know if you did it the same way as I did this week or if you were more creative.