Every week I intend to sit and just quickly record some videos for the solo challenges, and I think to myself “I’ve been playing the game a while, I understand the dynamics and the stipulations for these challenges – I can just do this” and that’s almost never how it pans out. But it’s season 7 week 3 now and this first challenge is a bit of a doozy!

Without dying, instigate a level 4 alert then kill incoming Unidad soldiers without firing a single shot.

Which, as you’ll hear, I have plenty of ideas for. But the execution of this one is kinda tricky because Unidad on alert level 4 have multiple rocket helicopters. I think I was refining my approach as it went on, but I got through by the skin of my teeth. That was probably just as well, as I thought this was heading towards a one hour video.

Fortunately not! It just wasn’t a quick one. Sorry.