This is the final solo challenge of Season 7 Week 2 and it sounds complicated. In fairness, there are a few stipulations, but this is actually a very easy challenge (and mission) if you take my approach.

In Extreme difficulty, without being visually detected and without firing a single shot, deploy to Espiritu Santo Alpha then complete the mission ‘La Santera’s Chapel’.

As I mention in the video, let’s break down these requirements. In Extreme difficulty is no problem for me and anyone else playing in Tier One who’s got below about tier 35. You’re locked in Extreme difficulty unless you set it to something simpler and exit Tier One. Without being visually detected I didn’t quite work out exactly what that meant in last week’s challenges, but I have a reasonable idea. And without firing a single shot, meaning we can use explosives, the drone, rebels, mortar, sync shots, diversions, order assault from a vehicle (just don’t fire from the driving seat, for example a helicopter with guns or rockets).

So there’s plenty of scope here, and you could take the stealthy approach or you could hide and send everyone in guns blazing. Let me know how you did it in the comments, and don’t forget to subscribe for more.