This is Season 7 Week 2 and I think we’ll get through these solo challenges quickly.

In Extreme difficulty and without taking any damage, deploy to Agua Verde Alpha then complete the mission ‘Carzita’.

This is the mission at the end of the province where you have to infiltrate the party on Carzita’s private rock in the middle of the lake. There aren’t too many Santa Blanca guards here and they’re spaced far apart, so you can either do as I intended to do and stealth kill each one, or you can hide somewhere out of site and call in the rebels and let your guys go to town.

Thanks to one of my imbeciles I made a nice start sneaking in and taking guys down, then one of them was seen and we had to go loud. Well, I say ‘we’ – I let them to all the work, but it got the job done.

I always approach the island from the pier, but you could parachute down if you preferred – what’s your strategy for this mission and challenge? Let me know in the comments.