This is the final solo challenge of season 6 week4 and this closes out our collection of vehicles as well. Officially we’re playing for the ‘White Chopper’ but as we see it’s a little less dull than that.

This last one’s kinds easy and also kinda fun.

Create faction warfare between Santa Blanca and rebels.

Just do that six times. To summarise my strategy, this is easy if you roll up on a Santa Blanca area like a base, spawn some rebels and then pop a shot off towards Santa Blanca to get their attention. They’ll come towards you, and the rebels will get stuck in. Rinse and repeat.

Do you have another strategy for getting the rebels attacking Santa Blanca? I also tried using explosions to get both of their attention, but that backfired (see the thumbnail for the video). Let me know in the comments how you went about this, and we’ll see next week what we’ve got in the way of challenges.