Season 6 week 4 second solo challenge, this one I wanted to get done quickly, but it does require a little patience – I remember now!

It’s a straightforward mission, capture the chemist. But (especially on Extreme difficulty) the enemies around the Santa Muerte church he’s being held are pretty vigilant and have each other fairly well covered.

Deploy to Remanzo Bravo then complete the mission ‘The Chemist’ in Extreme difficulty, without being seen.

Sync shots are good for this mission, and approaching as I did from the hill on the southern side gives you a good vantage point to scope out all the enemy positions and start by taking out the snipers and outliers on the southern side of the road.

I apologise – I struggled the first couple of times here, but I slowed it down and got it done. Do you have a better approach for this mission without being seen? Tell me in the comments!