This is the second solo challenge of season 6 week 3 and I should have been way more careful. I blundered into this making a complete mess of it and it took far longer than it should have done, so I’m sorry.

But there was one requirement I wasn’t sure about:

Mark enemies with Caveira CQC by equipping the Caveira Gloves.

I have the Caveira Gloves, and I equipped them after I got them in the Operation Archangel mission. So if you haven’t done that mission yet, you’ll have to complete it first in order to earn the Caveira Gloves, then equip them, then… I had to work out how they work. This is how they were described in the Title Update 15 release for Special Operation 2:

Unlock the position of all enemies within the vicinity in our Campaign Mode

I imagined that just equipping these allowed you to see nearby enemies on the mini-map. But that’s not how they work. You have to perform CQC take-downs while wearing them, then they’ll highlight enemies that are very close.

This meant finding groups of enemies that were near each other, and not spotting them first, then getting a CQC take-down to mark eight others.

This is how I did it. But it could definitely have been cleaner!