Season 6 week 2 solo challenge 3, the final challenge for this week and it’s a quick and fun one. It’s pretty straightforward:

Kill Santa Blanca soldiers with CQC in Extreme difficulty, without being seen throughout all the challenge.

I mention this in the video, but CQC is takedowns by hand, or melee kills. I also mention that I’m playing in Tier One mode, so unless a challenge specifies another difficulty level other than extreme, I’m basically stuck in extreme difficulty by default now that (as of this challenge) I’m down to Tier 08 – and if you don’t know – you start Tier One at tier 50 and work down towards tier… one. The game gets progressively more difficult as you play, and at (I think) tier 35, you can no longer select a difficulty level lower than extreme without leaving Tier One mode. So that’s where I am.

The real challenge here is remaining unseen, but that’s part of the fun for this challenge and you can see how I tackle this, and leave a comment if you did something different. I’m genuinely interested to know.