Here’s solo challenge 2 for this week, and it’s another straightforward one – but again – we just need to get creative to avoid it being difficult.

In any province use C4 to blow up Santa Blanca’s ground vehicles without being seen and without triggering the alarm throughout all the challenge.

Five is the magic number. Only five. If you break it down, the hardest part here is not finding five Santa Blanca ground vehicles – there are bases full of them. The challenge is in not being seen, and not setting off any alarms.

I assume “without being seen” means by Santa Blanca, so we can take them out as long as we remain stealthy. But even doing that in a base is risky and it’s pretty likely (at least on Tier One mode with extreme difficulty) that something’s gonna go wrong.

Check out the video to see how I did it and leave me a comment to let me know where/how you’ve done this solo challenge. This was actually quite a nice one.