This is the full gameplay of this Crossbow Masters mission. I’ve also got a shorter edited version available.

Crossbow Masters – the third and final challenge was probably the most difficult challenge I think they’ve given us. Check out these insane requirements:

“In Media Luna, without HUD, with the crossbow, without dying, and in Extreme difficulty, kill 10 Unidad soldiers while in alert level 4.”

WHAT!? Back it up a second, and let’s break this down…

  • Getting to Media Luna is obviously simple, and it’s crawling with Unidad so finding them won’t be difficult.
  • Then you need to piss them off enough to reach alert level 4, and maintain that alert level. This means there will be constant SUV reinforcements and both attack helicopters and gunships throwing lead and firing rockets at you.
  • Take out ten soldiers with the crossbow with no HUD, so you don’t know where the enemies or helicopters are.
  • While making sure you’re on Extreme difficulty. Of course this means every soldier is a sharpshooter and about two bullets will down you…
  • All without dying, which might be fine if you’ve maxed out your revives

…if it weren’t Extreme difficulty on alert level 4, surrounded by armoured enemies and helicopters with more flooding in all the time, and no way to know where they are.

This is insane. I took about 90 minutes one weekend to work out my strategy for consistently pissing off Unidad, and today it all comes together. Check it out!