This is just an episode scooping up the final things in Media Luna and we kick off by taking down a medication convoy which I wasn’t expecting to be escorted by a helicopter – but no bother, right?

This is the final load of stuff to collect on the map, so there’s the final skill points, the final legend – which unlocked our Legendary Hunter badge and achievement – and discover the SAM sites can still hit a helicopter if you’ve landed.

This is also the last opportunity to discover any unknown locations, and we find a Unidad shooting range on a hill which we clear out. Grab the final Kingslayer file and our final weapon accessory, the 7.62×51 NATO extended mag for sniper rifles.

Finally, there’s more skill points to collect then escape in the Comms Tool Air Transport plane we steal from M.O.B. Condor – the huge base with loads of SAM sites in the province. So many SAM sites!