This mission is ridiculous. Spoiler alert – this probably won’t spoil it – but this mission simply involves destroying a convoy vehicle. It’s that simple. It has to be the easiest mission in the game, surely? There are so many ways this could be done, but I opt for a long range option.

Anyway, prior to that, we continue from the last mission where I happen to be right next to a Medication Air Transport mission where the plane has to be flown to La Cruz and landed in that nasty ass field with walls all round it.

But moving on from that, back to Libertad, there’s an opportunity to Robin Hood a Comms Tool Convoy, then on to Pa Kollu village which you may remember from the Witches challenges in season… I want to say 3? I think. Maybe season 2.

There, we pick up the 7.62x39mm 30-round extended mag, and defend a Rebel Radio side mission. Local knowledge is helpful.

Finally (before the mission) we infiltrate a Network Relay Station with our automatic SASG-12 shotgun and make quick work of the SB soldiers there, and collect the 5.56 STANAG 50-round large magazine which we immediately equip on the TAR-21 assault rifle.