You know the drill by now. All the missions are complete in Flor de Oro and our buchon, General Baro, has been captured. Now it’s time to clean up all the collectables and finish the side missions and Rebel Ops.

We start moving up north to collect one of the folded buttstocks for assault rifles in a Unidad outpost where we also steal a Comms Tool Drop helicopter. Sneaky sneaky!

Then it’s time to pick up one of the two remaining Kingslayer files and grab some skill points while liberating a Rebel hideout patrolled by Unidaddies, but I get downed in a tragic shot trading scenario – check that out.

Then it’s not far to collect the 7.62x54mmR extended mag for sniper rifles, but it’s in a military hospital with a drone jammer and it all get a bit nuts. Just as well I have the cover of the crops in the fields, and my natty medic drone to revive my teammates. But the assault on this hospital gets pretty intense – it’s hardly covert!

Just to keep things interesting, a gasoline convoy drives through, and I’m not passing that up! But then it’s finally time to grab the plane we tried to take once before, and fly outta Flor de Oro for good. Phew!