Flor de Oro is a really nice forested province with rich detail and we’re moving on to the first of a two part mission “The Trail of the General” as I made a great start to it in this episode and it was already getting a bit long and I didn’t want to rush it. So make sure you also check out the next episode for the continuation of that mission.

Beforehand though, we have the usual collection of intel, scoping out Unidad outposts and picking off soldiers. It annoys me when Rebels decide to stop by and get stuck into the action and you’re trying to be stealthy. They can blow the whole thing, or at least just turn it into a big shoot out. That’s not what I want at all.

So we pick up the Laser 3Dot for sniper rifles and jump in a sweet Cobra helicopter with rockets, which is pretty fun! But I do get told off for killing civilians. Oops.

The mission starts after picking up some skill points and a legend, then we have to dodge some damn SAM missiles.