New episode, new province – we’re moving into Flor de Oro via Malca which I’ve not been to in a very long time. There’s not much left of the game and these last few provinces are probably the most difficult as they’re all focused (I believe) on Unidad. Fun.

We get into the action with a food convoy though and it’s a very simple one. Next we want to collect some intel so we know where things are at in the new province, and that just so happens to lead us straight to M.O.B. Jaguar and our first mission; The Black Site.

Seeing as we’re playing this “properly” and trying to be stealthy, BUT we’re on Tier One and permanent extreme difficulty – this takes a fair chunk of time to move through the base and take everyone out.

But it’s worth it. There’s a drone jammer at the base though so that’s almost our priority as well as taking out the snipers in all the towers – of which there are many – not to mention avoiding the mortar fire, and then moving in to collect all the skill points, Kingslayer file, Parachute Drop Site and some other bits.

Then it’s the mission, and this isn’t difficult, but you are boxed in as you have to defend the site and then escape. It’s pretty nuts!