This is just a province completion episode. The usual, you know! But we’re not leaving our previous mission location until we’ve got everything, so we pick up the regular HTI sniper rifle, some skill points and a Kingslayer file.

Then it’s time to move on to defend a Rebel Radio, dodge some SAM sites and pick up another Kingslayer file and complete a Network Antennas side mission. That takes us south to a gas station with another Kingslayer file and yet another nearby. Kingslayer files for days in this episode!

For a change of pace we move up to the north of the province to a Sicario Boot Camp to complete a Network Relay Station, and the bad guys come out to play which makes clearing the area pretty easy.

Finally, it’s stealing aircraft. We have a Comms Tool Drop and a Food Drop to steal two helicopters, and finish off with a Medication Air Transport to fly a plan outta here!