This is the final mission in Montuyoc, but I kick off the episode collecting some nearby items before kicking that off, starting with a couple of Kingslayer files.

Then moving down to Choza Padre town to collect the TAR-21 AR, the hip fire spread bonus medal, and it all gets a bit rowdy with convoys rolling through and Unidad stopping by to say “hi!”.

Then it’s on to attempt a Food Drop helicopter with FAR too many SB around. Looks like they’re doing some training or target practice or something. Finally before moving on to the intended mission, there’s just time to stop a food convoy, which is always fun, and pick up a couple more Kingslayer files on the way.

When I finally get up to the mission to take out three instructors, I decide to stay outside the colossal base and make the most of my Desert Tech HTI sniper rifle. It’s pretty fun – check it out!