We’re going to take down the Inca Camina buchon(e) in this episode to conclude The Peruvian Connection, but first we’ve set ourselves up in a nice line to get the remaining side missions completed on the way.

First up is the Network Antennas side mission from the last episode. Sound familiar? These things are getting kinda tricky and annoying, but there’s a formula that works – I just need to execute it correctly!

Moving on to a Sicario Leader side mission next, then we stop off at a train yard to collect the 200 round extended mag for LMGs which I think only fits the Mk-48 to give it the highest ammo capacity in the game.

Then it’s on to ANOTHER Sicario Leader, and I think we know how to do these by now. Distract, flash, grab. This can work out nicely. Then it’s collecting a legend and grabbing a Comms Tool Drop helicopter and another legend.

We’d better get onto the mission in Nuevo Mundo which could be done so easily, but I decide to make a challenge for myself. Sniper from a distance with no cover. Fun.