We ended the last mission right by where we need to be… at the creepy house with the weird half man half animal experiment thing, which is where colossal anus Micah is to be found. He’s doing Dutch’s bidding, cause – you know – Dutch has a plan. We’re to ride into nearby Van Horn and steal dynamite from a stagecoach riding through.

Sounds kinda like fun, and Bill’s gonna play dead as a distraction, but we arrive just as they’re coming through so there’s not much time to get set up. You know who’s doing the sharpshooting from an abandoned building up high, and we shoot our way out of trouble in the end.

We finish up back at camp, having a few little chats to people. Can’t find where the ledger is or how to restock the camp supplies in chapter 6, but hey ho. We’ll manage for now, eh?