In the last episode we attempted (again) the dry run dash from Strawberry to Saint Denis, and I’ve checked the video and I’m certain we did it well under the 9 minutes… I reckon it was 7 minutes, so maybe it’s glitched?

Neyse, that plonked us in Saint Denis at the end of the last episode, and we want to head north to find Micah (we don’t want to find Micah, but he’s the subject of the next story mission). So we head up north inland a little and cut across some grassy field, and what do we find?

Well, it’s actually just some weird rocks, but on closer inspection it shows something much more interesting, and upon discovering a nearby hunters hide and climbing up we see what we should’ve seen if we’d discovered this before… the location of The Poisonous Trail map 2 treasure! Finally. It’s only taken something like one hundred episodes of hunting around.