I’ll admit, there’s nothing big in this episode. The plan was to head to Strawberry to attempt the 9 minute dry dash to Saint Denis, but I get distracted by a perfect squirrel first. On the way I kick it into cinematic camera and come across the Appleseed Timber Co. again.

There’s a bit of a commotion, so we head to see the foreman. He needs some help with some wolves that have been attacking the workers on the south side of the camp and he offers to pay a reward if we help him deal with the issue. I’m not above that.

So that becomes this episode’s mini quest, as we promptly deal with the wolves, and find a couple of corpses with a letter from St. Luke’s Academy. The foreman pays us a handsome $50 for our trouble, and we go and attempt the dry dash. While in Saint Denis at night, we hear someone being robbed in an alleyway. We do the neighbourly thing, of course.