It’s a new week, another Wednesday and we’ve got some more challenges to do in the Wildlands! The solo challenge prize this week is the 6P41 Reaper LMG. Nice.

This first solo challenge this week is to destroy eight Santa Blanca vehicles using mines, in San Mateo province. So the strategy which seems to work fairly well is to target convoys, and of course you get the resources as a bonus! Here are my steps for doing this:

  1. Take a look at the TacMap and locate a convoy in, or entering San Mateo
  2. Zoom all the way in to confirm it’s direction of travel
  3. Take a helicopter and get well ahead of the convoy
  4. Set up on the road, and use your drone to scout the convoys approach
  5. Avoid laying any mines until any vehicles ahead of the convoy have passed

With this strategy, you’ll at least get two vehicles with the mines. Unfortunately the chase support vehicle will probably stop so the SB dudes can shoot you. Using a grenade launcher to make quick work of them is recommended.

Unfortunately, there isn’t always a convoy available. In which case I recommend just flying about with an eye on the mini map for a red car, then get ahead of it and mine the road as usual.

Enjoy the video: