I’m beginning to feel a bit more confident now. Confident like I can take on enemy positions by myself. So we head out from The White House from the last episode and go south towards a question mark on the map denoting unknown activity. But the sound has gone completely again, so you’re not hearing my shots in this episode which is very disappointing.

Neyse, we fight our way through the area we pushed up through in the first episode and use a combination of the Mk 17 assault rifle, and a semi-automatic shotgun for up close. This combination works really nicely for me, I just wish I had an ACOG scope or something on my AR.

But the meaty bit of this episode is meeting and taking on the True Sons while doing a Propaganda Broadcast side mission reminiscent of the Rebel Radio side missions in Wildlands, which is kind of fun. I also get to use my assault turret skill which seems pretty OP! After that, I explore a vast underground sewer area and find loads of loot.