Well, I’ve got the invite code, so I may as well use it. This is another Ubisoft title and since the last beta I played was also an Ubisoft game; Ghost Recon: Wildlands, after I played the first beta I pre-ordered the game. The trailer video for The Division 2 looks good, so let’s dive in and see what it’s like.

I haven’t really got any expectations here, having not played The Division I don’t know if this is an open-world game, when it’s set, what the narrative is or anything. I suppose I just know it’s a third-person shooter like Wildlands, so we’re diving in kinda blind.

In this first episode, I’m getting into the game, working out some of the controls, taking out a few bad guys and making my way to The White House, that’s all. But stay tuned for more episodes as I play this until it closes in a few days time.