Like I said in the last episode, we’ll ride up to the north-west corner of the map where we found the tesla coil previously, and revisit Willard’s Rest, which was abandoned the first time we went there. But it seems there’s a stranger there we need to meet.

But before we head up there, we start at Butcher’s Creek and head to Van Horn to pick up some mail and kill a couple of ranchers along the way. Turns out the mail is another letter from Mayor Lemieux in Saint Denis, so I guess we’ll be going there sometime.

When we get up to Willard’s Rest we meet a widow who’s almost starving. We need to teach her how to hunt and skin animals so she can survive. After we help her out with a fairly tame rabbit, we escort her back home and deal with a couple of wolves along the way. But she’s very grateful and invites us back in the future.