It’s the dead of night and we’re going to show this fisherman some manners! But then while we plan to go up too Willard’s Rest to find the stranger mission, we actually get distracted (no, really!) first of all looking round the fort and finding some civil war stuff – a unique knife and hat along with a gold nugget and more. Then ultimately by another stranger over the river.

Deciding that I didn’t want to leave the first stranger behind and that we’d go up to Willard’s Rest in the next episode, we investigate and find a man babbling about Butcher’s Creek.

So we take him back there, where they seem really happy to see Lemuel (the man we rescued) who’s going on about the darkness. Maybe we need to return there in the dark and see what’s going on. Obediah Hinton repays us with love and friendship. I’ll be sure to spend it wisely, thanks! While there we also find a moccasin flower orchid. Nice.