This is my favourite LMG, the Stoner LMG A1, and I’ll tell you why; All the LMGs deal great damage against armoured men and vehicles, cutting helicopters down and taking on heavy soldiers. But the Stoner is the only LMG that can do it suppressed.

The Stoner LMG A1 is already the leading LMG for accuracy, handling and noise reduction, with only the MK-48 equalling its rate of fire. Let’s change things up and make it even better.

  • I stick with the extended buttstock to maintain accuracy, but also because the folded buttstock doesn’t currently appear to be available in the game, despite being an option. Weird.
  • Adding any of the scopes will improve accuracy and range the same, while reducing handling a little. You could probably add whichever scope suits you, but my favourite is the Panoramic Scope which provides a fantastic clear red dot target, and has a thin frame that doesn’t obscure your view of the fight. The Micro T-1 is also good.
  • The trigger is full-auto only, so no change possible there.
  • Also the magazine is a fixed 100 round magazine with no accessories available to increase this on the Stoner.
  • Underbarrel I maximise the aim with the Shift Short Angled Grip. I tried improving handling instead, but improving aim creates more predictable recoil.
  • On the rail the Laser 3Dot is the best of the two options, which massively improve accuracy while sacrificing only a tiny amount of handling. The ATPIAL Laser Sight contributes less of an advantage and hinders handling more, so why bother?
  • For the barrel I do equip the long barrel. By now you may have guessed that I’m not concerned with the handling, but the long barrel improves so many more of the stats; damage, accuracy, range and penetration.
  • Finally of course it’s the suppressor, to boost noise reduction, stay stealthy and because I don’t have to worry about any drop off in damage with this as I have the ADV Suppressor skill unlocked in the Weapon skill tree. You do have to pick up the LMG suppressor though to be able to equip it, it’s not automatically granted to you like for ARs, SMGs and handguns.

Here I’ve built a very quiet and accurate gun which despite its poor handling stats can be wielded as your main weapon all day long should you wish. It has more magazine capacity than any AR or SMG, with more devastating firepower to take down men and machines. And you stay on the DL with the suppressor, which is this LMGs party trick. ‘Controllable and quiet’ sum this up.

This is the best LMG class I’ve found in my experimentation it works really well for me. If you’d like to build this yourself, all the links to find the Stoner LMG A1 and accessories are above.

Please leave a comment on your favourite LMG load out below, and let me know how you use it and what you like about it.