The Stoner LMG A1 is described as:

Mean gun. Small package.

You can pick this up in Pucara province in the centre, at El Sueño’s Mausoleum. The mission “DJ Perico” is nearby. The weapons case is inside the armoury on one of the levels leading up to the mausoleum.

This area is a construction site for El Sueño’s obscenely huge mausoleum, controlled by the cartel of course. I approached from the bottom near the railroad tracks, and you have to take out bad guys on each level as you move upwards. This is like a huge cartel base, and it has loads of alarms, so it’s best to avoid enemies or take them out silently. A better approach to this area would be from the north wall of the mausoleum which takes you straight to the area you need to be in.

This is my favoured LMG because like the Mk249 it’s highly modular, meaning you can adapt it to be more controllable or accurate as you like.

But this is the best LMG for one big reason – it’s the only standard machine gun to accept a suppressor (found in Flor de Oro)!

The standard magazine is only 100 rounds and there’s no extended magazine option but it’s such a controllable gun, you should be hitting your targets. Equip the suppressor and you can almost keep this gun in your load out all the time – it’s much more devastating than an SMG or AR!