This is my favourite assault rifle, the ACR, and I’ll tell you why; I want to use an AR for those medium range engagements where you want accuracy and versatility. Some assault rifles are not very modular and won’t accept some accessories, but the ACR doesn’t suffer that fate at all.

The ACR is good all round and with a comprehensive accessory load out I’m going to make it more accurate, more versatile and more convenient for my play style.

  • You can equip the folded buttstock to this AR to improve handling, but it does sacrifice accuracy which I’m trying to avoid so I don’t bother. I’m happy with the stock buttstock.
  • For a scope, my favourite for medium range is the TA31H which increases accuracy more than any other AR scope and looks good doing it.
  • There’s no customisation with the trigger option, but I use the gun on full auto.
  • All the assault rifles have a 20 round standard magazine, which is nowhere near enough for me. Even the 30 round extended mag doesn’t last long, so I opt for the 50 round large mag for the ACR which massively reduces the amount of reloading required. I hate reloading at the wrong time in the middle of a firefight.
  • Underbarrel I fit the M203 grenade launcher which is incredible. You can take down helicopters with it in a pinch and deal with incoming vehicles easily, so that added firepower makes the loss of handling well worth it to me.
  • On the rail I use the Laser 3Dot, simply to boost accuracy again. I never find it provides a practical benefit – as in, I never use the three laser dots – but accuracy is the name of the game for me.
  • I opt for the short barrel on the ACR to bring the handling back up by a reasonable measure. The reason being the loss to damage, accuracy and range are all minimal so this is worth equipping for me.
  • Finally of course it’s the suppressor, to boost noise reduction, stay stealthy and because I don’t have to worry about any drop off in damage with this as I have the ADV Suppressor skill unlocked in the Weapon skill tree.

Here I’ve built a highly accurate medium range rifle with a good rate of fire and enormous magazine to counter its low damage. Coupled with the added firepower of the M203 grenade launcher and the convenience of infrequent reloads, this assault rifle serves me very well.

This is the best assault rifle class I’ve found in my experimentation and works really well for me. If you’d like to build this yourself, all the links to find the ACR and the accessories I use are in the description below.

As an alternative, I’d like to add an honourable mention goes to the Mk 17 if you’d like to try another assault rifle that’s also very modular.

Please leave a comment on your favourite assault rifle load out below, and let me know how you use it and what you like about it.