Now I’ve been posting videos every day for about a month, I’ve finally made the time to finish off a few things I wanted to do to make my videos better.

My first videos for the open beta of Ghost Recon: Wildlands were edited with just a simple fade in from, and out to black. I had commentary and a fade and that was all.

Then for the full game release I had time to create an end screen. This is the final 20 seconds of the video where YouTube allows you to put links on the screen to other videos, or to subscribe to your channel or to another website.

Creating the end screen wasn’t too much bother. I’ve used a static image I created using Photoshop, and positioned the text and arrows to point to the end screen inserts which I select and that YouTube applies. I added some punchy dubstep to it which I bought from Audio Jungle* and that was easily edited together in iMovie.

The part I’ve been missing is a complementary intro, and I was considering using something basic that came with iMovie or Final Cut Pro, but they’re not very interesting. So I found this awesome gig on fiverr* to create five videos intros with your logo in 1080p.

I ended up using one of those five intros, and you can see the first of those videos I posted here:

I’ve kept the others in my back pocket for when I’m ready to switch up to something else. This intro will be used on all my videos posted from 1 April 2017 onwards, as well as a short snippet from the video before the intro. I’ve tried to choose something funny or interesting from each video to add beforehand to grab people’s interest.

At this early stage of posting to YouTube some of this is still a voyage of discovery. Better late than never, I suppose!

Maybe this can help if you’re starting out on YouTube. If you’d like me to explain in more detail how I’ve done any of this, leave a comment below.