Title Update 4 for Ghost Recon Wildlands is being released this week – Wednesday morning for PC and Thursday morning for consoles. This is the third major patch since launch following Title Update 3 just last month, and they appear to be ripping through these patch releases every few weeks.

Something was seen roaming the mountains

In addition to the usual small bug fixes and things such as removing more places where you can get stuck, there are quite a few larger fixes here and a bunch of new additions as well, which is exciting!

Specifically, preparation for Season 2 of challenges, and somewhere in the mountains – presumably Inca Camina? – we have a mystery Easter egg creature which I presume is a yeti or similar. How cool is that?


I’ve not tested this patch out just yet but I hope it addresses my specific bug, as promised when I contacted Ubisoft, whereby Xbox One players with multiple accounts end up with merged profile information. I didn’t see it mentioned specifically but hopefully it’s fixed!

Since the past patch, they’ve also released Season 1 of the challenges in the game, as well as the Narco Road DLC, and there are a few fixes for those as well.

If you don’t want to read through all the notes (linked below), I’ve recorded this video explaining the changes for you.

For me, the issue I occasionally experience where I can’t deploy my drone or use binoculars still hasn’t been fixed, but I don’t get that often and they do seem to have fixed the issue where you can’t aim from behind cover. Hooray! 🤗

As always, if you’ve experienced any issues with the game, please leave a comment below. You can also post bugs and issues on the Ubisoft forum for Ghost Recon Wildlands here:


The patch notes are available in detail on Ubisoft’s website at the Ghost Recon Wildlands blog (link below), or you can watch my video walk through of the patch where I’ll do all the reading and give you my comments on some of the more significant fixes and enhancements.