Title Update 2, or “Patch 2.0” for Ghost Recon Wildlands was released yesterday on PC and today on Xbox One and PS4. If you’ve been playing Wildlands, you’ll no doubt have found some issues in the game, and while some of them can lead to hilarity, some are quite annoying.

I’ve experienced a few issues – as you’ll see from my videos – such as; the drone and binoculars being unavailable at random, sometimes not being able to pop out and aim from behind cover, and sync shots not always applying when you press the button (even though you hear the sound).

If you’ve experienced any issues with the game, leave a comment below. You can also post bugs and issues on the Ubisoft forum for Ghost Recon Wildlands here:


The patch notes are available in detail on Ubisoft’s website at the Ghost Recon Wildlands blog (link below), or you can watch my video walk through of the patch where I’ll do all the reading and give you my comments on some of the more significant fixes and enhancements.